Best Beaches in Portugal

Best Beaches in Portugal

Portugal has a mainland coastline of more than 600 miles. This is what explains why Portugal is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for those who love to visit the beaches regularly. When heading to the beach you will have plenty of them to choose from. You can choose between rocky cliffs, bright white sands on the shore together with spectacular views.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha is actually among the best beaches both in Portugal and in all of Europe. The beach is located in Lagoa and it features some very soft sands and high colorful cliffs. The beach won’t be appropriate for those have a hard time walking or moving around. This is because of the very long and rocky staircase which makes the beaches inaccessible by public transport. The beach will contain boats that allow you to check out some of the nearby caves.

Praia do Guincho

This beach lies somewhere near Lisbon. It is located in between the mountains of Cascais and Sintra mountains. The beach which is very much loved by the locals and it is suitable for all types of surfers. Public transportation (train and buses) won’t reach on this beach hence you will have to drive yourself. But you can take a boat there.

Praia da Nazare

This is the main beach located in the resort town of Nazar’e. It features very beautiful scenery, a beautiful beach, and an attractive resort town nearby.  The place has a pretty cool atmosphere and it is filled with tourists.  Here is a look at this gorgeous beach.

Praia da Falesia

This beach is located east of Albufeira. The beach features cliffs, lots of sand with deep red and white colors. The beach also has pine trees which grow on the shores. The cliffs around the beach are arranged in a manner that they are so useful in blocking some of the northern winds which tend to blow during the summer seasons.  There are eight buses which operate around the beach will provide public transportation for you to get back and forth if you need to. There are also parking lots around the beach though you will rarely find an empty space.

Portugal has hundreds of miles of gorgeous coastline that you will simply love.  Whether you want some privacy and want to be a little bit off the beaten path or you prefer all of the conveniences that come with a resort town, there is something for everyone.  Grab some friends and post some selfies from the beach.

Must See Places in Portugal

Must See Places in Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country with places worth exploring. The country is famous for its developed economic status, its lifestyle and stunning places you have to see. It has got great traditions and loaded with gorgeous historic cities. Besides that is the beautiful sea, national parks and a vibrant nightlife. If you get to visit this country here are some must see places in Portugal.


The capital is among the most stunning places to visit in Portugal. A visit to Lisbon is exciting because other than the great destinations to see, you can take a train ride to some glorious beaches around it.  It is a city with eye-catching places such as the Belem Tower. Take a walk down the street of Lisbon enjoying the best views of the city.


A very pretty place to be, Sintra is a region located within Sintra Mountains that has pretty castles worth seeing. It has a cooler climate as compared to other places that made it a summer retreat for the Portuguese nobility. It is easily accessible from Lisbon and famous for hosting the Moors castle, the Pena Palace and the National Palace.


Do not miss to the historic region of Amarante. It is a beautiful place and a great town to explore the histories of the region. The town has great restaurants located along the river route with the irresistible treats.


Located in the northern part of the country, Porto is a fascinating place to visit. It is famous for the sweet alcoholic drink brewed at the port. There are numerous bars along the river front you can take a tour of, tasting the drink along the way. The town also offer pretty beaches, historic buildings and beautiful churches. It is has now become a popular tourist destination due to low costs of flying.

Waterfalls of The Azores

The Azores Islands are a fascinating archipelago located in the mid-Atlantic Ocean. A land full of natural beauty with stunning sceneries and breathtaking natural landscapes you should not miss to see in Portugal. To the east of the region is the Santa Maria Island with inviting warm white sand beaches.


Lagos is a beautiful historic city situated on the Western Algarve coastline. The Lagos Castle and the Ponta de Piedade cliffs are a must see things in the town. Lagos also offers wonderful beaches and sandstone stone cliffs which are best explored on a boat ride. It is a great tourist destination with its ancient city walls and a nearby resort for vibrant nightlife and partying. During the day you can take trips to explore the Algarve with an abundance of stunning sights.

There are more fantastic destinations you will find once you visit Portugal but the above are a must see!